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Intensive Bible Training

Intensive Bible Training - A Vision of Jesus: Galilean, Jew, Prophet, Sage, Healer, Rabbi, Messiah

with Michael Card

July 18-22, 2022

Jesus Christ has been portrayed in many different ways, from a sage and a healer to the Messiah Himself. The reality is that Jesus embodies all of these identities—and surpasses them. He cannot be reduced to one simple label. Gain a fresh appreciation for the complex identity of our Savior as we walk through the Gospels together.

Michael Card

MICHAEL CARD is an author, Bible teacher, recording artist, and former national radio host. During a career that spans over 35 years, Card has penned more than 28 books—including the 2006 Christian Book Award–winner A Sacred Sorrow, and his most recent, The Nazarene: Forty Devotions on the Lyrical Life of Jesus. He has also written over 440 songs such the beloved classics “El Shaddai,” “Love Crucified Arose,” “Joy in the Journey,” “Known by the Scars,” and “Immanuel.”

Although Card has sold more than 4 million albums and written 19 No. 1 hits, his main passion and goal in life has always been to simply and quietly teach the Bible. A noted theologian, Card speaks regularly across North America.



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