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Intensive Bible Training

Intensive Bible Training: Daniel and Revelation: How God Wrote History in Advance

with Alex McFarland

July 27-31, 2020

The Lord has a 100 percent track record in keeping His promises, and He lovingly offers to help everyone prepare for life—and for eternity! The Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of Revelation are the two most well-known books of Bible prophecy. Each reveals things about world history—and the future—that only God could know. Their prophecies can be a source of motivation, warning, and assurance. They can also be an apologetic persuasion for non-believers.

Come take an in-depth look at the language of these texts and the context of the writing. Make a deep dive into the vital relationships between prophecy, Christ’s Great Commission, and your walk with Jesus. Study God’s providential care over the world and see His merciful, redemptive hand at work. Get clarity on which events today may relate to these two prophetic books and be equipped to answer the big questions—and objections—about prophecy. Increase your confidence in the trustworthiness of Scripture and your understanding of how Christ is the theme of history and future world events. Anticipate His return in a deeper way and strengthen your commitment to evangelism.

Alex McFarland

ALEX McFARLAND is a renowned Bible teacher, author, and evangelist. He is founder of the Truth for a New Generation apologetics conferences held across the U.S., and hosts Exploring the Word, which airs nationally on the American Family Radio network. Alex has written 19 books, including the best-selling 10 Most Common Objections to Christianity and his newest, America's Fatal Flaw: The Real Cultural Threat No One Talks About. He formerly served as president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and as Focus on the Family’s first director of teen apologetics.



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