Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove


Women's Event

Women's Morning Bible Study - Wholeheartedly His: A Life that Glorifies God

with Patty Stump

January 11-February 22, 2022

What does a life built on God’s truth and yielded to His Lordship look like? As women of God, we are to bring glory and honor to Him in everything we do. And as we live for Him, we reveal His tender mercies to the world around us. Join us on a seven-week journey where we will pursue God’s calling to be wholeheartedly His as He fully inhabits our hearts.

Patty Stump

PATTY STUMP is a Bible teacher, licensed counselor, and conference leader whose passion is to encourage women to cultivate greater intimacy with the Almighty through His Word. A contributing writer to Journey Christian Magazine, Oh Wondrous Grace Chronicle, and 18 books, Patty is the author of the children’s book, A to Z God's Wonderful Love for Me!