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Military Event

Military Marriage Retreat: Letting The Carpenter Build Your Marriage

with Steve & Annie Chapman

Worship Leader, Michael O'Brien
May 26-28, 2023

Some storms in life – and in marriage – are unavoidable. But other trials we encounter in our relationship with our spouse are self-inflicted. They are a result of our own choices and actions. What can you do today to weatherproof your marriage for tomorrow? It starts with allowing Jesus to be the cornerstone – and rebuilding the structure on a firm foundation. Find practical tools in God’s Word that will strengthen your marriage and prepare you for any season.

Steve & Annie Chapman

STEVE & ANNIE CHAPMAN are award-winning singers, songwriters, authors, and speakers. They began their music career as members of the group, Dogwood. In 1980, they started traveling as a duet, focusing their songs and writing on family issues. They currently perform concerts and conduct marriage seminars as a duo. Individually, they each speak at conferences and events for men or women. The Chapmans have performed their family-focused music at more than 2,500 churches across the country, as well as at various conferences and events. They have conducted marriage seminars around the world, including for the Air Force at bases in Florida, Montana, South Korea, and Germany. The Chapmans are prolific writers, having penned numerous books as a couple and individually. They’ve also written hundreds of songs they’ve recorded, or that have been recorded by other musicians.

Michael O'Brien

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