Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove



Becoming a Friend of God

with Richard Blackaby

Worship Leader, Michael O'Brien
May 8-10, 2023

Every Christian wants to have a relationship with God like Abraham – whom God called His friend. You may view God as your friend, but does He see you as His friend? Developing a closeness with God takes time, faith, and obedience. Journey through Genesis and be re-energized as you take steps toward deeper growth and greater intimacy with Him.

Richard Blackaby

Richard Blackaby is president of Blackaby Ministries International. He has a Ph.D. in church history from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Blackaby has written or co-authored 40 books including Experiencing God: Revised Edition; Spiritual Leadership: Moving People on to God’s Agenda; and The Ways of God. He has also served as a pastor and as seminary president. He currently hosts a podcast called The Richard Blackaby Leadership Podcast. Blackaby travels extensively and speaks internationally on spiritual leadership, experiencing God, revival, and God in the marketplace. Blackaby and his wife, Lisa, live in Atlanta. All three of their children serve in ministry, and they have been blessed with eight grandchildren.

Michael O'Brien

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