Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove



The God We Serve is Able - and He Will

with Jim Henry

August 19-21, 2019

We live in a world that is increasingly fearful, agnostic and deceived by false religions. There is a growing push to accommodate sinfulness and ignore—or even attack—God and His standards. Yet God calls believers to live in hope. He has given us the compass to confidently navigate in the present, assured of His ultimate victory.

Come explore the book of Daniel, which moves from the practical to profound mystery and gives us a panoramic view of Israel, the Gentiles, history, and eternity. Daniel—one of few people the Bible describes in a totally favorable light—exemplifies how to live a transformed life in a lost culture. This great man also gives us a remarkable revelation that demonstrates the reality that God has the final word for today and the future. He shapes people, nations, places, and events to bring about his unshakeable kingdom, a truth that even the pagan king Darius declared, “For He is the living God, and He endures forever; His kingdom will never be destroyed” [6:26, HCSB].

Get equipped and empowered to live with integrity, not compromise, and to choose wisely under pressure. Recognize your opportunity to wield enormous positive spiritual influence even in a minority status. Stand strong in the present and the future because of prophetic promises that remind you of the ultimate victory of your sovereign, all-powerful God—who is able.

Jim Henry

Jim Henry is an author, conference and special events speaker, adjunct professor at seminaries, former president of the Southern Baptist denomination, and pastor emeritus of First Baptist Church of Orlando—where he served for 29 years. He invests his life in encouraging congregations and pastors in conferences and interims, and is a consultant to churches about personnel and procedures. Henry pastored churches ranging in size from 50 to 13,000 members in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee and served for two terms as president of the Southern Baptist denomination. He has written seven books: Heartwarmers, The Pastor’s Wedding Manual, Keeping Life in Perspective, In Remembrance of Me, The Two Shall Become One, A Treasury of Funeral and Memorial Messages, Dangerous Intersections, and his autobiography Son of a Gunn.


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